Fulfillment dla e-commerce
– kompleksowa obsługa logistyczna
dla sklepów internetowych

E-commerce Fulfilment - Fulfilment Services and Solutions for Online Shops

Do you run a business on the Internet?
Are you wondering how to be a few steps ahead of the competition?

We have ready-made solutions for small, medium and large enterprises selling on the Internet. We support not only online stores that have been existing for many years, but also help new stores that want to increase their sales and improve shipping.

A month for free

You have the first 30 days of storing each delivery in our warehouse for free!
  • You ship the goods
  • We stock it
  • We ship your goods to the buyer

Process automation

Our system will save you time in managing products, deliveries, storage and shipping.
  • Live inventory!
  • Safe integration system
  • Complete shipping information


The logistics center located on the Polish-German border allows us to serve both markets as domestic.
  • Competitive prices
  • The carrier portfolio meets all your requirements!
  • Fast delivery to the end customer!
Shipments fulfilled today

We are one of the leaders in logistics solutions for e-commerce.

We use our experience gained through cooperation with many clients. We provide full service for your orders and goods.

Focus on yourself

Transfer the burden of accepting deliveries, storing goods, shipping and handling returns to us

Why us?

For over a decade, we have been supporting many great e-commerce businesses and offering solutions that allow them to focus on sales!

Ready-made fulfilment solutions for different market sectors

Fulfill your orders even faster and reduce the risk of making a mistake.

We are mainly specialized in the handling of small and medium-sized goods. Electronics, clothes, toys? This is our everyday life!

What benefits does fulfilment provide for e-commerce?

Lower operational and courier prices, fast delivery times, high order fulfillment capacity.

Where do we offer our e-commerce order fulfilment and cross-docking services?

Our warehouses are located on the Polish-German border. The strategically located logistics center ensures fast transport of your shipments (24 hours - Poland, Germany and up to 48 hours in the EU).

Fulfilment and cross-docking with M.B.B. Logistics
How does the logistics service for online shops look like?



1. Delivery to M.B.B. Logistics

You deliver your goods to our warehouse.

2. Acceptance of goods

We verify the condition of the goods and their dimensions.

3. We put your goods on the shelfs

We place the goods in the warehouse in accordance with its dimensions.

4. Storage

You store the products in a warehouse of the highest standard.

5. Packing

We pack the orders according to your requirements.

6. Shipping

The shipment starts its journey with the selected carrier

* Return

You receive information about the return and decide what to do with it.

1. Delivery to M.B.B. Logistics

Deliver your package to the warehouse.

2. Verification of shipments

We check whether the shipment meets the carrier's requirements.

3. Handover to the carrier

We forward it to the appropriate courier.

4. Delivery to the recipient

The courier takes care of the delivery of the package to the recipient.

* Return

You receive a notification in the event of a return and decide what to do with it.


Why is it worth working with us?

We are part of e-commerce, thanks to which we react in advance to the demand in the field of logistics processes. We have ready-made solutions that allow us to relieve customers in the field of intra-logistics and cooperation with last mile delivery service providers.

Zaufali nam

Over 46,000 m2 of warehouse area

Modern "A" class warehouses in a great location!

All logistics processes in one place.

Continuous process optimization that gives you an advantage!

Connection to most e-commerce platforms

We have been supporting omnichannel for many years!

Competitive prices and many courier companies

Do not worry about the logistics requirements of marketplaces - this is the standard for us!

Monitoring of stock levels and shipments

Stay up to date with the status of your deliveries and orders!

Full support from the technical department

The safety of the goods entrusted to us is our highest priority!

Up-to-date information on the return of your products

You receive information about the condition of the products and the quantity of the returned goods.

Offer tailored to your needs!

We will create an offer that responds to your needs - while optimizing costs!

Your development is a success for us!

By working with us, you will be able to increase your sales and the number of satisfied customers!

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Diamenty Forbes'a

by Forbes Magazine 2020 - 2022

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by of the "Puls Biznesu" journal

What form of our logistics services is best for you?

See which of the forms of our logistics services will help you grow your business.


We would like to kindly inform you that in the case of return, complaint or exchange of goods, please contact the seller.

M.B.B. Logistics deals only with the storage and shipment of goods. To obtain information about the status of the shipment, please also contact the seller or the courier company. The contact details of the seller can be found on the sales platform or online store where the purchase was made.

At the same time, we would like to inform you that we are not authorized to provide contact details of our contractors.

No. M.B.B. Logistics deals only with the provision of logistics services for e-commerce. We do not sell products, so in case of contact regarding goods, please contact the seller.

Fulfillment in terms of logistics is the process of order fulfillment by an external logistics operator. This service includes storing, packing orders, shipping the parcel to the recipient and handling returns. In the case of M.B.B. Logistics, fulfillment is not limited to the aforementioned processes, but also offers more logistics solutions.


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