Fulfillment by M.B.B.

fulfillment What is fulfillment? You save on storage When using our warehouse, you only pay the cost of the space taken up by your goods. Location Our warehouses are located on the Polish-German border and on the Silk Railway Route. Thanks to excellent road connections, we can offer you competitive rates and a large selection […]
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cross-docking How cross-docking works? 1. Create an order. You create an order and a shipment in our system 2. Select a carrier You choose a courier who will deliver your parcel. 3. You deliver shipments to us You send properly prepared parcels to our warehouse. 4. We hand over your shipments to carriers Sort the […]
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Lider branży fulfillment w Polsce, oferujący najlepsze rozwiązania dla e-commerce.

69-100 Słubice
(Poniedziałek - Piątek)
06:00 - 15:00